The R62 Deli “Proe die Klein Karoo!…”

To add to the wine experience, Joubert-Tradauw boasts the much-loved R62 Deli Alfresco, which specialises in Klein Karoo tapas.

Once a humble, tin-roofed dwelling, the Deli has been transformed into a Mediterranean-style farm kitchen with rustic décor and an inside fireplace. Guests can dine outdoors, weather permitting, in true al fresco style under the vine-covered veranda (“afdak”), overlooking the farm, the majestic Tradouw Valley and the Langeberge.

The R62 Deli is renowned for its platters, which include Klein Karoo tapas comprising fruit from the farms such as fresh figs, nectarines, Kakamas peaches, plums and pears served with cranberries, nuts, sunflower seeds and mint; rosemary and lemon chicken; a small bobotie with onion relish, stewed fruit and almonds; patat with honey; beetroot with feta and herbs; tzatsiki with pumpkin seeds, home-baked breads stuffed with olives and nutty seed loaves browned with molasses. Home-made offerings include tapenade, onion relish, balsamic reduction, fig paté, pesto, fragrant apricot jam and tomato chilli jam. Home-made preserves include plum, fig, peach, quince and pear.

The to-die-for French chocolate cake is served with a luscious green fig. We also have a delicate lemon- meringue cheese cake as well as several other freshly baked cakes.

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R62 Deli Alfresco Menu

Gruyère Salad

A very delicate French salad and dressing with fresh ingredients, seeds, nuts and breads.

Biltong Salad

Greens, jersey beef, seeds, feta, pesto, seeds, nuts etc. with breads.

Chicken Salad

All of the above except beef is substituted with chicken breasts fillets with soy sauce and fresh rosemary, parsley and feta.

R62 Platter

Traditional dishes like bobotie, spicy chicken wings; local cheeses, ostrich/chicken liver patè, figs, maketaan, spanakopita, tapenade, pesto, hummus, kakamas peaches with cranberries, seeds, nuts, mint … and more seasonal ingredients with fresh home-made ciabbata and molasse bread.

Beate’s 3 Gourmet sandwiches on toasted ciabbata

– chicken fillet with pesto, feta, greens, brinjal and butternut shavings on ciabbata
– imported meats: coppa, salami, parma ham and pancetta
– Dutch cheeses: cheddar, boerenkaas, plaaskaas and brie

Jersey pure beef burger

With a home-made tomato/parsley/sepp mushroom sauce.


Ostrich- fillet burger

With cranberries and brie on toasted ciabbata with pesto.


Sepp mushrooms, cream and a white wine sauce, organic peppers, coppa/chicken fillet on home-made tagliatelle with pesto and capers

Cookbook – “Taste the Little Karoo” / “Proe die Klein Karoo”

Beate Joubert is the author of Proe die Klein Karoo and Taste the Little Karoo..!

The little Karoo is known for its beautiful landscapes, food traditions, atmosphere and warm hospitable people. Beate Joubert captures the essence of this region and its people through the recipes included in Taste the Little Karoo.

These unique recipes range from snacks and side dishes, breads and soups to salads, hearty meat dishes and braai recipes, as well as delicious desserts to round off a meal. There is also a chapter that provides recipes for the pantry such as pesto, dukkah and chutneys.

Taste the Little Karoo is more than an everyday cookbook as the recipes and beautiful photographs will inspire readers to be creative in the kitchen, as well as when choosing the setting and décor for entertaining family and friends.

Available at leading book retailers – Woolworths, Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Wordsworth, CNA, PNA,, etc. or email

Taste the Little Karoo Cookbook

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